Xcelience Expands Clinical Trial Supplies Manufacturing

The clinical trial supplies manufacturing and packaging capabilities of an early drug development company Xcelience have been broadened to accommodate a new fully-automated packaging line and four new pieces of manufacturing equipment.

Xcelience incorporated a LCI Multi-granulator MG-55 (extruder), MG Futura (capsule-filling machine for powder and pellets), QJ-230T marumerizer (spheronizer), and wurster insert (bottom spray) to the existing Glatt GPCG-3 fluid bed processor in order to complement existing expertise in matrix tablet delivery systems. The addition of these new pieces is said to facilitate production, coating, and encapsulation of MUDF delivery systems.

Operations Director Theodore Koontz said, “The addition of the MG Futura improves production times, increases overall capacity, and expands upon our existing capabilities for powders, pellets and powder micro-dosing for inhalation systems.”
Furthermore, an effort to enhance primary bottling of tablets and capsules has led Xcelience to add a fully-automated packaging line (including ink-jet coding). The new packaging line is aimed at improving batch packaging speeds, decreasing clinical trial timelines, enhancing the packaging ability of larger drug product batches.

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