Why Teenage Girls Suffer More From Depression

Females are more probably to suffer from depression and stress-associated disorders due to the fact the sex hormone oestrogen drives more blood to the heads of young women in comparison to men.

It is during adolescence that the gender distinction may originate, a major study indicated.download

“These outcomes may have essential significances for neuropsychiatric problems with teenagers’ onset and strong gender disparities like as mood disorders, stress disorders and schizophrenia,” stated Theodore Satterthwaite, a professor at University of Pennsylvania.

In general, females are more prone to anxiety and depression and in men greater occurrence of schizophrenia, Satterthwaite added.

For the research, scientists used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to examine the progression of brain blood flow in 922 young individuals between ages 8 and 22 to determine when these kinds of sex changes emerge.

The research identified the areas of a girl’s brain that noticed the highest increase in blood flow was that which deals with feelings and controls social situations.

“The areas of the brain that saw the highest distinction of blood flow were in areas of the brain related with higher cognitive functions,” Satterthwaite added.

The study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.