About Us

Clinical Research Society (CRS) is a registered, non-profit, independent membership organisation. CRS is the primary resource for clinical and translational medicine providing leadership for ethical and meaningful innovations that leads to betterment of mankind.

Clinical Research Society provides an interdisciplinary platform for professionals working in contract research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, and those in hospital, medical research institutes and physician clinics.

CRS is comprised of a community of more than 23,000 professionals in over 160 countries dedicated to drug/device development and healthcare.

CRS was founded in 2006 to address the knowledge sharing need of interdisciplinary professionals in the pharma-biotech industry and, in particular, to develop a common understanding of the ethical principles, necessary for research on human subjects.

Clinical Research Society is all set to propagate the concepts of research integration through the principles of translational medicine and expedite the processes of taking scientific discoveries to clinical practice. CRS is a vast global resource of not only the research sciences as presented in standard formats but also the day to day interpretations by basic and clinical scientists regarding research challenges.

Mission & Objectives:



The mission of Clinical Research Society (CRS) is “to lead and integrate interdisciplinary drug discovery from basic to clinical research and promote evidence based healthcare.”

CRS is committed to create a better outlook of clinical research and translational medicine by:

  • Encouraging implementation of the premier principles of science and ethics
  • Disseminating this science to the members by creating a network for information exchange and training
  • Determining system & policy through a practice of constructive exchange of ideas
  • Representing a framework of involvement and interest of all stakeholders


The principal objectives motivating the formation of the Clinical Research Society are:

  • Creating awareness of clinical research its scope, its spheres, and potential
  • Establishment of a forum to widen the horizon by exchange of knowledge, building strong foundation for successful clinical research out comes and foster new talent
  • Promoting quality in clinical research and translational medicine by engaging professionals from all aspects of medical research
  • Assistance in the advancement of the clinical research industry by screening and reviewing the clinical research activity and providing peer consultation facilities for research projects

Executive Council:

CRS has Council Members and representation from seasoned professionals from across the globe. Executive Council Members provide necessary guidance and support various initiatives taken by the Society. The major areas of input are as follows:

  • provide professional and strategic leadership
  • take appropriate initiatives to ensure that CRS achieves its principal objectives
  • clarify and communicate a future vision for CRS and oversee the development of various strategic plans
  • promote CRS to local, regional or international agencies in the area of clinical research and translational medicine and ensure the coordination of CRS’s relations with such agencies
  • recommend and ensure the appointment of task forces and committees to undertake specific tasks or to assist the work of the Council

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Code of Ethics:

Clinical Research Society is committed to playing a key role in the development of new medicines, medical procedures, medical devices and biologics. To evidence this, CRS has adopted a code of ethics, an ideology, that fully supports its Mission and Objectives.

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