US FDA takes action against violation of un-authorized drugs

Recently, the US Food & Drug Administration put in efforts to reverse the products which are illegally marketed and are targeted at patients who suffer from diabetes, in spite of several consumer complaints. US FDA had to survey the marketplace for unlawfully marketed products that guarantee to diagnose & treat diabetes and its related issues. The Food & Drug Administration has sent warning letters to 15 ¬†organizations in regard to marketing products for diabetes infringement of federal law. These drugs are marketed as dietary supplements, alternative medicines such as ayurvedic, prescription medicines and OTC (Over the Counter) medicines, which also includes homeopathic products. Few organizations also promote unapproved drugs for other severe diseases, such as cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and macular degeneration. Food & Drug Administration examined products marketed as “all natural” therapies for diabetes and found that few of them comprised one or more active ingredients that were observed in prescription medicines to treat type-2 diabetes.

Unapproved ingredients can also lead to serious issues. If pdownloadatient and their physicians are not aware of the genuine ingredients in the products they are being used, these products may interact in many harmful ways in combination with other drugs. One severe problem could lead to patients may end up getting a larger combined dose of the diabetic medication than they are supposed to and that may lead to a considerable unsafe drop in blood sugar levels, a situation known as hypoglycemia.

Food & Drug Administration also viewed that the sales of prescribed medicines are from fake online pharmacies. Signs that suggest an online pharmacy is legitimate include need of a patient that has a legitimate prescription that gives the physical address in the US, being certified by a state pharmacy board and owning a state-licensed pharmacist to answer queries. A few fake online pharmacies go against the law by selling medicines that are not accepted in the United States or sell many prescribed medicines without meeting its essential specifications.

One website that was subject to more caution was issued a letter that delivered a medicine for diabetes with no prior prescription and even involved in to an unsolicited free sample of a prescription drug for erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, the prescription diabetes medicine was dispensed as devoid of the medication guide and other safety measures were required by the FDA to make sure the medicine is issued and used in safety. Although some of these websites may provide for sale what appear to be the FDA-approved prescription medicines. FDA cannot ensure that the manufacture or the organizations that handle these medicines follow the US standards or that the medicines are risk-free and effective for their intended purpose. Also, there is a threat that the drugs may be fake, contaminated, expired or otherwise highly at risk.