The Middle East opens avenues for Clinical Trials

Rising drug-development costs and pressing needs to advance drugs quickly are coaxing global pharmaceutical companies to scout for emerging markets to conduct clinical trials.

Compared other countries, the middle east is predicted to be the emerging hub and the fastest growing market for clinical research due to easy accessibility to infrastructure, patient base, rapid timelines, and reduced costs.
Noteworthy aspects such as clinical trials optimization, regulatory compliance, overcoming clinical trials challenges, and recognizing business opportunities in the Middle East will be addressed at the Clinical Trials Partnership Middle East Summit that will bring together giant stakeholders from important research sites, regulators, government organizations, clinical research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.

All executives, senior level directors, or directors from the pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical research organizations, and clinical investigators who desire to discuss the progress in the clinical trials market must attend the 3-day summit that will take place in Dubai from 28 to 30 November 2011.

Day 1 at the Clinical Trails Partnership Middle East Summit commences with a crucial interactive workshop that provides a comprehensive overview of “Good Clinical Practice” with regard to local and international guidelines for performing clinical trials.

Delegates will be presented with an opportunity to share their opinions and knowledge on topics such as “Improving the quality of clinical trials by using standardized performance metrics” over the next two days that are packed with captivating and groundbreaking research discussions, networking opportunities, and thrilling round-table discussions .
The conference has been described as “a vital event for the increasing success and on-going improvement and competitiveness of the regions clinical trials market,” by DoaaSaid who is the event Director for Clinical Trails Partnership Middle East Summit.

Conference attendees will leave with all the tools and knowledge rendering them more competitive and efficient to advance their practice. They will also be presented with an exceptional opportunity to interface, connect, and develop vital business associations in the scheduled networking periods.

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