Terms and Conditions

Applying for Membership

Applications for membership will be accepted from people who are eligible for membership in any way recognized by the Society as detailed in the bylaws.

When submitting an application for membership, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of membership and the bylaws of the Society.

If you are eligible for membership, your membership will be activated after acceptance of your application and payment of the membership fee. Notification of acceptance will be received at the email address you provided at the time of application.

You will be asked to confirm that information provided at the time of membership application is true.  We may ask you to provide us with additional proof to confirm that you meet the requirements to join the Society; if you are unable to provide proof we may not be able to accept your application.

If you are undergoing a formal review of your professional conduct then we may have to put your application on hold until the matter is resolved.  It does not mean that your application will be subsequently unsuccessful.

The Society retains the right to refuse applications for membership but will offer the opportunity to appeal the decision.

CRS retains the right to amend its membership categories, benefits and criteria at its sole discretion, without prior notice, at any time, with the proviso that details of the amendments are published on the CRS Web Site. Please refer to the Membership section of the CRS Web Site for details.


Membership Fee

Once a member of the Society, the membership fee will be due every year for as long as you remain a member.

When your membership is due for expiry you will receive a notification either via postal mail and/or email and a request for payment of the membership fee.

CRS retains the right to change the membership fee you pay but will inform you about any such changes before they are implemented.

CRS retains the right to change the definition and eligibility criteria for the Developing Countries Special Fee applied to Full and Student Membership Categories.  Currently this definition is defined by CRS, according to the World Bank list as countries with a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per capita of less than $10,000 p.a., click here to view list.

CRS retains the right to offer and/or change any promotional offers and special prices but will inform you of any such offers and changes before they are implemented.


Reimbursement of Membership Fees

If we make an error in processing your membership payment resulting in fees being collected after cancellation of membership or an incorrect amount being charged you may be eligible for a refund of the incorrectly processed fee.

Membership fees will not be reimbursed after termination of membership.


Termination of Membership

If you no longer wish to be a member you can decide to cancel your membership at any time by writing to CRS at least one month before the membership renewal date.  Membership will expire at the end of the annual year, and CRS will not refund any fees already paid for this period.

Membership will be terminated if:

You do not keep to the terms and conditions of membership

You have failed to pay your membership subscription by the due date

You no longer meet the criteria for membership of the Society

You are involved in any activity or demonstrate behavior which the Executive Committee deems to be harmful to the reputation of the Society

The information you provided us is later discovered to be incorrect or not truthful


Membership Certificate

The Membership Certificate will be available to download at a secure link on the CRS website. A paper copy of the certificate will be mailed to your mailing address.

The Membership Certificate is not an endorsement or proof of your good professional standing and does not entitle you to special privileges other than those available through the membership category you belong to.



Society’s Obligations to Members

To ensure products and services offered to members are relevant to the clinical research profession and are accessible to members.

To ensure access to online membership benefits, including access to CRS Forum, CRS’s Training and Certification Portal

To keep you informed and updated about the Society and any changes that might affect your membership rights.

To stand by any promise, offer or promotion we make available to you during the course of your membership.


CRS Forum: additional conditions of use

Included within your CRS membership benefits, and during the duration of your membership period, you will have access to CRS Forum at clinicalresearchsociety.org/forum

Access to the content of this website:

is provided as a consequence of and subject to your continued paid membership of CRS

will end with the cessation of your CRS membership



From time to time services, privileges or offers may be suspended or withdrawn indefinitely without warning.