Rise in Dementia for Women with High Estrogen Levels and Diabetes

New study recommends that older women who have both higher estrogen levels and diabetes have a considerably greater risk of dementia, in comparison with older women who do not have these mixed situations. This is with respect to a research published online in Neurology.

With respect to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5 million People in America are living with Alzheimer’s disease -very common form of dementia.

In this research, Dr. Pierre-Yves Scarabin, of the French INSERM and other researchers identified that diabetes combined with great estrogen levels may raise the threat even further. To achieve their results, the research group assessed blood estrogen levels of 543 women aged 65 or over who was free of dementia, together with 132 who had the disorder.

All women were evaluated for risk aspects for dementia, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and irregular blood clotting, among other heart health risk aspects. Dementia threat 14 times greater with diabetes and high estrogen levels.

The researchers identified that women who had high estrogen levels were more than two times as likely to build dementia, in comparison with women who had low estrogen levels. However, the scientists identified that women who had both higher estrogen levels and diabetes were 14 times more likely to build dementia, in comparison with women without having diabetes who had low estrogen levels.

The study team also identified that women with both dementia and diabetes had estrogen levels 70% greater than women who only had diabetes. Dementia threat was not enhanced with any other heart health risk aspects. Earlier study has recommended that estrogen-based treatment may have protective results on the brain. For that reason, Dr. Scarabin states that the study team was amazed with the study results.

“However, progressively more information signifies a connection in between high estradiol levels and dementia in women who have gone through menopause. Thinking about the predicted improves in the number of elderly individuals with diabetes and dementia; more study on this topic should be quickly performed.”