President’s Message

Greetings to all!

I welcome you to the Clinical Research Society (CRS). My objective in writing this brief message is to share with you the story of the evolution of CRS as a global society for clinical research, and the vision for the society in the times to come.

In late 2006 when I was heading a clinical research group that was involved in managing global clinical trials, it was becoming increasingly obvious to me that there was a great requirement for a platform where individuals from across the globe could share knowledge and best practices in the conduct of clinical trials. I reacted to this situation by creating a discussion portal that went live in the last week of 2006. The portal was called “Clinical Research Forum” and the Internet domain was “”. I obviously was the first member of the forum and fortunately, within a very short period of time the forum started becoming highly popular with individuals from across the globe signing up and sharing their knowledge, thoughts and best practices. This was a dream come true. The member strength soon grew from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands.

A significant proportion of the members who signed up were key stakeholders in the clinical research enterprise. These individuals were members of the academia, pharmaceutical/biotechnology and CRO companies, healthcare institutions, independent research groups and public institutions, to name a few. Based upon the interactions we all had over the last few years, a general consensus emerged that the forum be formalized in to a registered society that will grow to become a key professional body for clinical research worldwide. Putting this advice in to action, the “Clinical Research Forum” was formally changed to “Clinical Research Society” under a new Internet domain name -“”, with its registered headquarter in Hong Kong.

With the tremendous support of its members, CRS has embarked upon a mission to provide for a key worldwide platform for clinical research and translational medicine. In today’s time, there is great need for translating key discoveries and inventions in our research laboratories in to meaningful therapeutic options for our patients, or powerful tools in the hands of our physicians and healthcare providers. Drugs and medical devices form a major component of these translations. A collective effort needs to emerge that will help our and future generations to involve in medical research in a way so that it is meaningful and can be translated in the least possible time. This new environment requires more effective collaborations, better usage of resources, effectively trained professionals, community involvement, as well as an overriding sense of the socio-economic situations in all regions of the world. The endeavor of CRS is to make significant contributions to this cause.

I end this message with a great sense of optimism that CRS will provide for a multifaceted non-profit organization in the area of clinical research and translational medicine that contributes in a significant way to bring us all together to create a better world for our future generations.

Dr. Tufail Syed

Founder & President

Currently: CEO – Clinexa Life Sciences, Australia