Pfizer’s Investigational Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promising Outcomes in Early Clinical Trial

The world’s second biggest pharmaceutical company Pfizer states that an investigational drug has displayed motivating outcomes in treating advanced breast cancer in an early clinical study.

Pfizer official states that the drug stopped breast cancer from worsening for 20.2 months in a clinical trial concerning 165 sufferers.Present drugs do so for 10.2 months.

The medicine is regarded as palbociclib. It’s among a new category of cancer medicines that target particular proteins to prevent tumors.

University of Michigan business professor Erik Gordon studies the biomedical industry. Gordon is not associated with the clinical trial, and he states that the result wasn’t as beneficial as some preliminary outcomes reported previously in the trial.

But he states that, “there’s been lots of wish around this class of cancer drugs, and this maintains that hope alive.”