Omecamtiv Mecarbil MAY assist Heart Failure Patients

An article published in the Lancet reveals results of two clinical trials for the drug omecamtiv mecarbil; based on the results, researchers believe that this medication might perhaps help easy heart contraction in heart failure patients.
Developed in San Francisco, Omecamtiv mecarbil acts by triggering a protein that heightens heart muscle contraction. It was found to aid stable systolic heart failure patients in first clinical trials.

A condition like heart failure occurs when the heart is incapable of furnishing sufficient blood to meet the body requirements. This is due to heart muscle damage or function loss, similar to what is seen during a heart attack.
According to Senior Cardiac Nurse Natasha Stewart at the British Heart Foundation, trials results were suggestive that at certain doses and times, omecamtiv mecarbil could enhance heart functionality after it has been damaged.

Stewart comments: “Although there were minimal adverse effects identified in these initial trials, only a small number of participants over a short period of time were involved. We would need to see results from larger scale clinical trials over a longer period before we can properly assess the safety and effectiveness of this medicine. Heart failure affects more than 750,000 people in the UK alone and we need to find a way to help those suffering with this often-debilitating condition. Our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal aims to spend £50 million so we can invest in regenerative medicine research to find a cure for heart failure.”

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