Meat-eaters are More Healthy than Vegetarians

A new study claims that vegetarians eaters are less healthy in comparison to FoodDebateImage1meat eaters. Study performed by the Medical University of Graz in Austria identified that the veggie diet, as characterized by consumption of fruits, vegetables and entire-grain items, seemed to carry increased risks of cancer, allergies and mental health issues such as depression and stress.

The research used data from the Austrian Health Interview Survey to analyze the dietary behavior and lifestyle variations between meat-eaters and vegetarians.

The 1320 participants are matched with respect to their age, gender, and socioeconomic position and provided 330 vegetarians, 330 that consumed meat but still plenty of fruits and vegetables, 300 normal people who consumed less meat and 330 subjects who ate meat-heavy diet.

It identified that vegetarians taken less alcohol and had lower BMI, but were still in a worse state of physical and psychological health overall.

Subjects who ate less meat also revealed a tendency to avoid participating doctors consultation for preventative steps like as vaccines, the authors found. It determined: “Our research has proven that Austrian people who take a vegetarian diet are significantly less healthy, have a reduced quality of life, and also need more medical attention.”

The research’s authors have previously defended the research towards claims that their work is basically an advertisement for the meat industry.┬áStudy supervisor informed The Austrian Times: “We have previously distanced our self from this claim as it is a wrong presentation of our data.

We did find that vegetarians endure more from specific problems like asthma, cancer and psychological problems than individuals that eat meat also, but we are unable to say what the cause is and what the impact is.