How to Protect Kids from Obesity

kids-parents-bed-120509If you desire to protect your children from obesity, ensure that you get adequate sleep on a regular basis as a research has revealed that a parent’s sleep has an impact on the possibility that their kids will be obese or overweight. More parental sleep is relevant to more child sleep, which is relevant to reduced child obesity, the results showed.

“We considered how long parents rested and how long kids slept as part of a household program and identified that they actually did go together,” mentioned Barbara Fiese spokes person from University of Illinois in the US.

In the research, socioeconomic attributes were analyzed in association to protective routines and occurrence of being obese or overweight for around 340 pre-school kids and their parents. The routines evaluated in parents involved enough sleep (more than 7 hours) and family mealtime routine. The 4 protective routines assessed in children were adequate sleep (10 or more than hours per night), family mealtime routine, restricting TV viewing time to under 2 hours per day, and not having a bedroom TV. The only important individual protective factor towards obesity or overweight in children was obtaining sufficient sleep. Children who did not get sufficient sleep had a higher threat for being obese than children who involved in at least three of the protective routines frequently, even after managing for parents’ BMI (body mass index) and socio-demographic characteristics, Fiese said.

But the scientists also discovered that the number of hours a parent sleeps is associated to how much sleep children are obtaining.  The study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.