Giant drugmaker’s lawyer offered bribe! Caught on Tape

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a lawsuit concerning Baxter, an audio recording procured by the Associated Press involves an attorney of the giant US drugmaker offering a sum to the opponent expert for a court case regarding the drugmaker’s Mexico branch.
At an age when the Department of Justice is tying to pinpoint overseas misdemeanors by U.S. companies, this is a curious case of the bare-knuckle strategy employed in the global marketplace.

As per the details of the recording, Baxter’s Mexican lawyer engages in conversation with the opposing expert offering a payment to leave the country on the pretext of a business lawsuit on the court date to weaken the opponent’s case.
Although Baxter claims that this act does not account for enticement or bribery under Mexican law, it was unlawful on behalf of the attorney and he had no authority to make it. The Illinois-based company says it has ended all associations with the lawyer.

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