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No matter what your professional goals are, CRS will help you get there, from moving to positions of higher responsibility to building new skills to being a part of a global community of research professionals. CRS memberships with their membership benefits provide the extra edge you need to succeed.

CRS is committed to giving every person involved in medical research, including students, the means to reach their goals by offering a set of valuable membership benefits. We strongly believe it’s the best way to not only serve your needs, but also to advance and improve people’s lives through better scientific research.

CRS currently offers the following four levels of membership:


Professional Membership:

Any individual who is currently employed or was employed in the last five years in a capacity where he/she assumed any direct responsibility related to the conduct of clinical research is eligible for Professional Membership. Professional membership comes with an online GCP Training & Certification Program. After your membership is confirmed, you will be enrolled…Know more

Associate Membership:

Any individual who has never been employed in a capacity where he/she assumed any direct responsibility related to the conduct/management of clinical research is eligible for Associate Membership. All associate members must at least have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent to be eligible for this membership level. Applicants may or may not currently be in active employment… Know more

Student Membership:

Students who are currently enrolled in an academic program in any area of study are eligible for Student Membership. Student Membership benefits have been tailored to the needs of students who would like to pursue a career in Clinical Research and Translational Medicine. This membership applies to students who are not in any active employment and are pursuing their undergraduate, post-graduate, doctorate degree, or are enrolled in a school of professional studies… Know more

Institutional Membership:

Institutional Membership is open to all academic bodies, clinical research and biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and any other body associated directly with scientific research and healthcare…Know more