CRS Committees

Following Committees are currently functional at CRS:

1. Admissions Committee
2. Membership Affairs Committee
3. Professional Training Committee
4. Project Management Committee
5. Publications Committee
6. Grants & Awards Committee

Admissions Committee (AC):

The Admissions Committee of Clinical Research Society interprets applications for Society membership in a straightforward and generous manner to ensure that as many as possible with appropriate training or experience in clinical research or in allied fields are welcomed into the Society. The Admissions Committee of CRS tries its best to approve all CRS membership applications that automatically qualify. For membership applications that require an extended review the AC must reach a majority decision. The Admissions Committee functions closely with the Membership Affairs Committee (MAC).

Membership Affairs Committee (MAC):

The Membership Affairs Committee ensures that new members sign up and stay as CRS members by providing membership that provides value and remains an excellent resource in their professional lives.
Every executive member and local chapter is encouraged to help grow and strengthen the CRS membership. With centralized recruitment efforts from CRS home office and local effort by executive council members/chapters MAC tries to maximize the outreach of CRS to prospective members.

Professional Training Committee (PTC):

The Professional Training Committee promotes excellence in all training & certification programs conducted by CRS. PTC oversees the development of training material, introduction of new training and certification programs and the overall quality and management of all continuing education programs conducted by CRS. PTC also oversees the conduct of the certification examinations and re-certifications/maintenance of certification. PTC works closely with other committees such as the Project Management Committee (PMC) for successful execution and oversight of specific training programs.

Project Management Committee (PMC):

The Project Management Committee plays a key role at CRS in managing various projects and new initiatives taken up by CRS. PMC also provides significant input for the development of various clinical project management certification programs conducted by CRS. PMC strives for the successful execution of all new strategic plans laid down by the CRS governing body.

Publications Committee (PC):

Publications Committee at CRS assesses the editorial quality and content of all CRS publications.

Grants & Awards Committee (GAC):

CRS Grants and Awards Committee oversees and makes decisions on all scholarship and grant applications received by CRS. GAC oversees and governs the CRS Fellowship Program that recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to the field of clinical research and/or to CRS.