Code of Ethics

CRS code of ethicsClinical Research Society (CRS) is committed to playing a key role in the development of new medicines, medical procedures, medical devices and biologics. To evidence this, CRS has adopted the following ideology:

  • Our firm commitment to the highest standards of ethics and compliance to law by safeguarding the rights, safety, dignity and well being of human participants in all facets of scientific research;
  • Commitment to maintaining quality and integrity of research studies, and adhering to all applicable standards for quality and honesty in the scientific research.
  • Determination to create uncomplicated communication between research professionals; to stay up-to-date with the recent innovations in clinical research industry; to ensure sharing of information among all members of research and enhancing their potential in the research vicinity.
  • Dedication towards protecting all proprietary information to prevent research misconduct, to discourage the use of confidential information for any form of personal gain, and avoiding conflict of interest.
  • Commitment to aid members in achieving professional perfection within the research enterprise via promotion and dissemination of good clinical practices and appropriate educational initiatives.
  • Promoting values essential for collaborative work as a research team with trust, fairness, cooperation and coordination, and ensuring accountability of research decisions and actions during the clinical life cycle.