CRS is a not-for-profit membership organization that is growing worldwide. CRS is currently a community of more than 23,000 professionals and is taking new initiatives for the betterment of the clinical research enterprise. CRS is often in need of qualified individuals with a degree or certificate that they earned through online classes or at an accredited university who are passionate about clinical research and are dedicated to the mission and objectives of the Society. This includes medical writers, content developers, IT staff, accountants and system administrators who have at least an Associate degree. An Associate degree of Art in Business Administration, Public Relations, Regulatory Affairs etc are some of them. CRS is an organization that is growing exponentially which does and will require more roles in the future. All new job openings at CRS are posted on this page.
If you wish to be considered for a role at CRS please send your resume to

Current Openings:

– Medical Writer / Content Developer (Experience 0-2 years) India

– PR Executives (Experience 0-2 years) Hong Kong, USA, UK, South Africa, Mexico

Volunteer Opportunities:

While full-time jobs may not always be available CRS largely counts on its volunteers to constantly deliver quality programs and an effervescent society to aid professionals from the clinical research industry. Volunteer Opportunities are available both for members and non-members.

Volunteering is an opportunity to establish your professional goals, develop leadership skills and influence the outlook of Clinical Research Society and the industry.

Volunteers can be a part of various task forces, executive councils and committees and can participate in various training initiatives of Clinical Research Society guided by education and experience.  All volunteers are given credit for the roles played by them and those who make significant contribution to CRS are also eligible for the CRS Fellowship Program.

CRS is currently actively inviting freelance medical writers (volunteers) to write for the CRS website and other CRS publications. This is not only a great way to showcase your writing skills and get noticed in the industry but also a great learning experience. If you wish to work as a volunteer for CRS please send your CV to