Bisphosphonate Pills Likely to be Reviewed by FDA

After the publication of certain conflicting studies, The Food and Drug Administration plans to launch an investigation to determine whether a popular group of bone-strengthening drugs increases the risk of throat cancer.

Postmenopausal women with osteoporosis are routinely prescribed Bisphosphonate pills comprising brands like Fosamax and Boniva.

FDA regulators said that the results of the issue were not conclusive and that they will report their findings following an extensive review. Precautionary throat screenings are not recommended for patients.

Last fall, a British study revealed a slightly higher risk amongst 3,000 patients with esophageal cancer taking bisphosphonates, while analysis reports of 80,000 UK patients released one month earlier found no link of cancer with drugs.

Because Bisphosphonates cause an inflammation of the esophagus, some scientists believe that they could increase cancer risk.

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