Abbott’s Lupron, a long-acting treatment for premature puberty, received FDA approval

On Tuesday, Abbott Laboratories announced that two longer-acting doses of Lupron, a treatment for premature puberty, have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

According to Abbott, two doses of Lupron lasting three months each have received FDA approval, thereby necessitating only 4 injections per year instead of 1 injection per month. The new doses have been approved by the US regulatory agency for treating a condition called central precocious puberty, which causes premature puberty in children resulting in early development of secondary sex characteristics and reduced height in adult life.

Abbott said that one out of every 5,000 to 10,000 children is diagnosed with central precocious puberty, a condition that commences prior to 8 years in girls 9 years in boys. Abbot said that puberty could be postponed to a more suitable time by administering Lupron, as it can suppress hormones.

Prostrate cancer also employs Lupron as one of its medications in the treatment regimen. A new drug dose that will be administered to patients once every six months was approved by the FDA in June.
On Tuesday, Abbott shares jumped 16 cents to $50.07.

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