Author Topic: New legislation for issuing central licenses for some drugs in India  (Read 1945 times)

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A new bill suggests giving of licenses to produced medicines detailed in 17 critical categories will be provided only by the center and not by the states. It also suggests establishing up a Central Drugs Authority for the central and state drug controllers. 

The Drugs and Cosmetics Bill, 2013, which was a extensive legal guidelines for the medicines and cosmetics sector, was cleared and would be presented in Parliament while in the Monsoon session.

The suggested bill goals at changing the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, amended in 2008, and will involve a individual chapter on clinical trials and a different on medical devices, to detail requirements concerning offenses and penal conditions.

This bill expects to provide a extensive regulation to cover different factors of drugs and cosmetics, which includes legislation of clinical trials and medical equipment sector, which must help to enhance the domestic drug production industry.

The other suggestions made in the bill include:
To have a individual set of rules for allow of settlement in event of death or injuries throughout clinical studies and penal conditions, for violation of the law, this can consist of fine or imprisonment.

To have a individual set of guidelines for medical devices and to have regulating provisions.

To increase the Drugs Technical Advisory Board and develop a new class of officials for medical devices regulation identical to that for medicines and to determine adulterated cosmetics.